SQLGate for SQLServer Developer

1. Add “New Connection” menu to the connection window

2. The SQL editor provides an automatic closing function for special characters ((),[],<>,'',"")

3. Added auto-connect character set restore function in new connection to avoid seeing again

4. Added a function to allow multiple clipboard values to be input simultaneously into binding variables.

5. Improved performance of exporting large records when exporting data after selecting a grid in the SQL editor

6. Improved the “Connect” toolbar not also displayed in Quick View

7. Improvement so that keywords are selected even if you select Enter and Tab after typing all keywords in the SQL editor.

8. Improved the SQL editor to not convert case to lowercase if the column of the table is a specific keyword.

9. When deleting all connection information in a new connection, enter “Delete me” and then delete it.

10. Improved the “Connect” toolbar to disappear from the main menu toolbar.

11. Fixed a bug where Korean messages were not displayed in the annotation editor.

12. Patch AV error in grid filter

13. Bug fix where the cursor in the grid does not move after “stop” in the SQL editor.

14. Patch for bug that changes to another language when changing display language in options