Integrated Development Environment for Database

SQLGate is the best IDE for Database.

Working with database becomes easier with SQLGate.
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Supports various databases

SQLGate supports various databases including Oracle, DB2, SQL Server, MySQL, MariaDB, and Tibero.

Object Explorer & Quick Object Side Panel

We are proud of SQLGates Object Explorer.
SQLGate allows you to find the tables, views, triggers, indexes, and functions quick and easy

An innovative user interface

SQLGate provides unique user interface.
Auto Compete Feature gives you a full name with just a few words from a table, field, or keyword.
You can view data in left to right or top to bottom view from Query Result Grid and export the selected data.

Database health and stability

Assess your database’s health and check the database performance, configuration, schemas and security vulnerabilities with SQLGate Admin Module’s Database Health Checks.

Multi-query execution support

Does your work involve running multiple queries at the same time? You can run multiple queries simultaneously and see the requested data in optimal display.

Universal tools for databases

SQLGate is more than just a simple query tool. We provide all the functions users might need for database running including database backup and recovery, data export and import, file extraction from Excel, SQL, DBase, and database status check.

Automatic generation of powerful queries

On top of DML and DDL extraction, SQLGate's query builder allows you to create complex T-SQL in seconds.

Template-based database reports provided

Thirteen different database object reports can be generated, including table, view, synonym, procedure, trigger, and index. On Report Designer, you can customize the layout of the report.

Individual License

A license purchased by an individual and is used by a company or an organization

Company License

A license purchased by an enterprise and used within the organization

Maintenance License

A license that gives an extended rights for the latest updates of the product