Integrated Development Environment for Database

SQLGate is the best IDE for Database

Developers will enjoy their database life more with SQLGate. Download our free trial and enjoy it!


Various database support

SQLGate supports various databases such as Oracle, DB2, SQL Server, MySQL, MariaDB, and Tibero.

Object Explorer & Quick Object Side Panel

We are proud of SQLGates Object Explorer.
SQLGate makes you to find the tables, views, triggers, indexes, and functions quick and easy

Stunning User interface

SQLGate provides unique user interface.
Auto Compete Feature let you find the full name even if you just typed a part of table, field, or keyword.
Query Result Grid let you enjoy the functions of left / right / top / bottom view, and data exports.

Database health and stability

Assess your database’s health and check the database performance, configuration, schemas and security vulnerabilities with SQLGate Admin Module’s Database Health Checks.

Multi-query execution support

Do you often use and need to run lots of queries at the same time? SQLGate let you perfectly see and work with all the queries with its editor.

Universal tools for databases

SQLGate is not just a simple query tool. We provides all the functions users might need for database running such as database backup / restore, data export / import, Excel, SQL, DBase file extraction, database status checkup.

Automatic generation of powerful queries

DML, DDL extraction is basic! With the SQLGate query builder, complex T-SQL can be created in seconds.

Provide template-based database reports

Thirteen database object reports can be generated, including table / view / synonym / procedure / trigger / index. You can also use the Report Designer to customize the report design.

Individual License

A license that an individual purchases and is used by a company or organization. This license is the responsibility of the person who purchased it and is not transferable. Individual licenses can be purchased and used within the enterprise by members of the enterprise. If you do not need enterprise licensing benefits, you can purchase a Individual license and use it within your enterprise.

Company License

A license allows enterprise to purchase and use within their organization. This license is owned by the purchaser and is transferable. Enterprise-only services such as licensing reassignments, emergency technical support, and discounts for purchases of 5 or more users are available when you purchase enterprise licenses.

Maintenance License

Purchasing a new license includes a maintenance license allows you to update SQLGate to the latest product for one year. However, after one year of new purchase, you can purchase a maintenance license to update to the latest product. Maintenance licenses can only be purchased within one year of maintenance expiration, and new licenses must be purchased after one year of expiration.