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SQLGate makes it easier and quicker to deal with databases with large amounts of data.
Use SQLGate and raise your work productivity from Oracle to SQLServer, PostgreSQL, MySQL, MariaDB, DB2, and Tibero!

The world's best integrated database management and development solution

SQLGate is an integrated database management and development solution that simplifies construction and operation of databases. Innovate your work with SQLGate!

Create SQL and PL/SQL more quickly and easily

Solution that fits different types of databases SQLGate is customized for seven different databases that make up 83.2% of the DBMS market. The supported database types are: Oracle, DB2, SQL Server, MySQL, MariaDB, Tibero, and PostgreSQL.

Easier and faster for all database users!

Database operators, developers, data analysts, planners, marketers, and anyone who deals with data will have easier and faster access to the data they want!

  • Directly connect to database You can access your database easily within a minute.
  • Instantly process massive Excel data It is a speedy and convenient tool to export query results and insert data.
  • An ultralight and high-performance application All these functions are provided in just 50MB of file size.
  • Beautiful themes Choose from the following four themes: light, blue, dark, and dark gray.
  • Object Explorer & Object panel Conveniently check the information of objects and connect object panels to editors for better analysis.
  • SQL Debugging Even when you create a multi-query, each query will detect the exact error and move to a location, which will help you write queries.

Why SQLGate ?

SQLGate is the best data solution proven through 15 years of service with more than 2,000 customers!

A database development & management tool proven by the top companies in Korea

More than 2,000 customers from public sectors to financial, manufacturing, and IT sectors have chosen SQLGate.

Significantly improves business productivity with auto-completion and templates

Functions including tables, views, functions, triggers, procedure autocompletion, and SQL template are provided.

Provides a user-friendly interface

You can choose from four different themes and variety of grid colors to customize your screen.

Facilitates efficient data analysis

It makes efficient data analysis possible with grid’s filter, sort, grouping functions. Just like Excel, you can can copy and paste the grid and perform statistical calculations.

Includes an exclusive PL/SQL editor and debugger

Debug SQL as good as PL/SQL debugger.
You can set breakpoints on procedures, packages, and functions and check parameters and breakpoint variables.

Displays execution plans in different forms

You can analyze execution plans through different types of views including tree view, text, flowchart etc. With “View Execution Plan and Objects” function, you can analyze objects within the execution plan.

Generates object report in just a few minutes

Numerous objects in the database can all be extracted in the form of templates.

Fits best to a constantly-changing cloud environment

It is constantly updated to support cloud-base databases such as AWS and Azure and new features for efficient DevOps.

It is an integrated software for all data users

Data management, data analysis, and database monitoring are all the DBA / developer / data scientist needs. It is a software for DBA, developers, and data scientists who manage and analyze data and monitor databases.

Constantly innovating features to make your tasks with database more enjoyable!
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Check out our customer reviews on SQLGate!

"Students, developers, DBAs and anyone who deals with data would feel the power of SQLGate in minutes."
Dr. Yoon Jun Lee, A professor at KAIST Database Lab
"Productivity is key in any enterprise, and SQLGate enhances productivity for all those who deal with data. If your company uses any sort of data, SQLGate is a must."
Dr. Young-Hwan Kim, A professor at KAIST Graduate School of Software
"SQLGate makes it easy to handle complex DB tasks! If you area developer with huge DB workload, SQLGate is the best choice!"
Caden Kim, A freelance software engineer
"Are you having trouble working with SQL Server Management Studio, which lacks in functions? Try SQLGate! It is the only tool that manages SQL Server so easy, so fast."
Rex Jung, An software engineer at eBay
"We've killed two birds with one stone with SQLGate: improved developer productivity and resource saving."
Colin Lee, Jehmi CTO
"SQLGate provides dozens of features including auto-completion, multi-query execution, multi-session access, report generation, and monitoring. Once you start using SQLGate, you won't find a replacement."
Keis Uhm, A software engineer at Kakao

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Use all SQLGate products for free!
For Free Plan, you can enjoy 1 concurrent session connection, concurrent query execution 50 limit data export/import, and report function, but no technical support.