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  • Paid subscriptions are available for as many users as you purchase. And only one user per account is eligible for Free version / Trial version / Student License.
  • The subscription service is available in the latest version of SQLGate.
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Free Version

Get free access to the essential basic features of SQLGATE!

Subscription Term
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Feature Free version Standard subscription Remarks
General Tree View Object Panel
Autosave worksapce
Load SQL files
Save SQL files
Offline use authoentication
Connection Connect without database client
Save connection history
Label session with color
Concurrent session limit 1 unlimited
Maximum number of windows 1 20
SQL Editor Split
Maximum number of tabs 1 20
Number of concurrent executions 5 umlimited
SQL auto-save and recovery
SQL Execution Plan
SQL History
Run SubQuery Only
Query Builder
SQL Formatting
SQL Tuning Advisor for Oracle
AWR Report for Oracle
Auto-Complete Object auto-complete
SQL auto-complete
Create Create - All objects
Data handling Data import
Data export
Clipboard size limit 10 unlimited
PL/SQL PL/SQL Editor for Oracle/Tibero/PosgreSQL
Run PL/SQL for Oracle/Tibero/PosgreSQL
Single Stepping for Oracle
Step Over for Oracle
Execute until Next Exception for Oracle
ERD ERD Output
Object Explorer View, Create, Filter Objects
Object Privilege & Script Generation
Manager Security Manager for Oracle
Tablespace Manager for Oracle
Session Browser for Oracle/Tibero
Analysis Manager for Oracle
SGA Trace and Optimization for Oracle
DB Health Check for Oracle
TKProf Tool for Oracle
LogMiner Tool for Oracle
PL/SQL Encryption Tool for Oracle
Tools Recompile Object for Oracle/Tibero
Export Script
Object Report Preview/Print
Technical Support Onlie Technical Support
Urgent Technical Support
Remote Support
  • The features of the free version provided may be changed according to the company's circumstances and policies, and the features supported by the DBMS may be slightly different.
License Period: Perpetual
Maintenance : 1 year
Indie Developer
License Period: 30 months
Maintenance: 30 months