SQLGate for Oracle Developer

1. Bug patch where colors are not displayed correctly when columns are sorted in the new connection window

2. Import data > Excel file > Change the default value to not select automatic column mapping when UPLOAD

SQLGate for Oracle Developer

1. Patch AV error when closing last tab in SQL editor

SQLGate for Oracle Developer

1. Patch for bug that does not enable subquery block execution

2. Patch for bug where OCI/Net Login tab does not open as last environment

3. Improved data import speed. Speed ​​improvement of more than 10 times when executing updates when importing data

4. Bug patch that prevents DBMS_OUPUT results from being retrieved

SQLGate for Oracle Developer

1. Patch for bug where duplicate connections are intermittently displayed as existing connection information

2. In the actual execution plan, set the record fetch option to “fetch all records”

SQLGate for Oracle Developer

1. Patch for bug that does not display when number of records is 0 after SELECT

2. Patch for bug where actual execution plan and AWR report do not work properly
3. Patch for bug where ) in (a) is not closed in auto close
4. Patch for bug where special character auto-close option does not work properly

SQLGate for Oracle Developer

1. Changed the function to maintain records in the data tab after executing the execution plan

2. Patch for bug where multilingual characters are not saved in SQL history

3. Change the window so that it does not close even after the session is terminated.

SQLGate for Oracle Developer

1. Improved function to prevent other functions from running while a query is running

2. Show in progress icon in editor tab when query is running

3. Speed ​​improvement through editor deletion of binding variables

4. Added the ability to change tab names on the main taskbar

5. Improved function to allow access to the same session

6. Added session name duplication function when the same session connects

7. Speed ​​improvement by removing user analysis function

8. Patch where workspace is not saved correctly when connected to multiple databases at the same time

9. Patch for bug where SQL editor tab leaves an afterimage when session is changed

10. Patch for a bug that leaves an afterimage when there is one session and the session is closed

11. When connected through multi-session, patches are not selected at once when moving to another session's tab.

12. Patch for bug where editor font changes after pressing Tools>Options>Editor Options>Ok

SQLGate for Oracle Developer

1. Patch for a bug that leaves an afterimage in the work window when disconnecting a single session

2. Improved slowdown in binding variables with many binding variables

3.Patch for bug where table autocompletion does not change when there is more than one session

4. Improved screen switching speed when switching sessions

SQLGate for Oracle Developer

1.Remove the main title bar

2.Improved workspace loading speed

3. Add brief layout, theme, and option menu

4.Improved autocompletion speed in SQL editor

5.Improved automatic closing of special characters in SQL editor

6.AV error patch when entering “..” in SQL editor

7. Modify the CHAR and VARCHAR keywords so that () does not appear automatically in the SQL editor.

8.Set scroll font size as default in SQL editor options

9.If the column type is NVARCHAR, do not use CHAR, BYTE keywords

10. Ability to add Indent when executing a code template if the template has more than one line

11. Add parameter auto-completion option - Add general function hint function

12.Improved speed of retrieving the first record for tables with many columns

13. Patch for a bug where the read-only option does not log in in security tools such as DBSafer and QueryPie.

14.Patch for bug where COLUMN <> NULL is displayed when filter is set to COLUMN IS NOT NULL

15.Patch for a bug where when you Ctrol+Click a package in a package.function, the package is recognized as Owner and the package cannot be found.

16.Bug where the DEFINE command does not work properly

17. Bug where the editing window disappears when connecting/disconnecting the DB alternately

18. AV error patch when entering “..” in SQL editor

19.Patch for a bug where the editor’s menu bar does not appear consistently when using a simple layout

20. Patch for a bug where the window would not close intermittently in Options and Editor Options.

SQLGate for Oracle Developer

1. Provides auto close of special characters in editor options

SQLGate for Oracle Developer

1. Eliminate the phenomenon of the main split moving when activated in the SQL editor.

2. Improved the SQL editor to highlight table names after CREATE TABLE and DROP TABLE commands.

3. Improved the speed at which autocomplete appears when there are long queries in the SQL editor.

4. Removed the phenomenon of the scrollbar being obscured when there are many grids after multi-query in the SQL editor.

5. Improved the phenomenon in which the grid is not converted correctly when converting horizontally or vertically after a multi-query in the SQL editor.

6. Improved the SQL editor so that table auto-completion appears after ALTER TABLE.

7. Remove flickering phenomenon when moving Ctrl+Tab in main form

8. Remove horizontal and vertical menus from Main>Window

SQLGate for Oracle Developer

1. Patch for a bug that does not work if there is a binding variable when exporting data from the SQL editor

SQLGate for Oracle Developer

1. Add “New Connection” menu to the connection window

2. The SQL editor provides an automatic closing function for special characters ((),[],<>,'',"")

3. Added auto-connect character set restore function in new connection to avoid seeing again

4. Added a function to allow multiple clipboard values to be input simultaneously into binding variables.

5. Improved performance of exporting large records when exporting data after selecting a grid in the SQL editor

6. Improved the “Connect” toolbar not also displayed in Quick View

7. Improvement so that keywords are selected even if you select Enter and Tab after typing all keywords in the SQL editor.

8. Improved the SQL editor to not convert case to lowercase if the column of the table is a specific keyword.

9. When deleting all connection information in a new connection, enter “Delete me” and then delete it.

10. Improved the “Connect” toolbar to disappear from the main menu toolbar.

11. Fixed a bug where Korean messages were not displayed in the annotation editor.

12. Patch AV error in grid filter

13. Bug fix where the cursor in the grid does not move after “stop” in the SQL editor.

14. Patch for bug that changes to another language when changing display language in options

15. Bug fix showing as no permission in the table's Constraints tab.

16. Bug fix where local partitioning index script is not displayed correctly in table script

SQLGate for Oracle Developer

1.Patch for the error message “Invalid window handle” after opening and closing the [Modify Data] window in the data grid

2.Change the color of the data filter

3. Added date type function to the data filter system

4.Patch for bug where items are not visible in the login window

5. Patch for a bug that intermittently fails to connect to the authentication server and causes authentication to fail

6. Patch for bug where time is not entered correctly when importing Excel data

SQLGate for Oracle Developer

1. Patch a bug where the In, Between condition in the filter of the table detail window does not write the SQL statement correctly

SQLGate for Oracle Developer

1. Patch a bug where field autocomplete doesn't appear when enclosed in parentheses

2. Field auto-complete speed improvement and function improvement

3. Patch "Could not convert variant of type (OleStr) into type (Double)" error when importing data

SQLGate for Oracle Developer

1. Fix a bug where items in user folders were not displayed in folders in SQL history

2. Fix the "SQL Statement doesn't return rows" error bug when saving after adding user query

3. Fix bug where Datetime column is not imported in data import

SQLGate for Oracle Developer

1.Patch a bug where the folder in SQL History is not displayed correctly

2.Patch a bug where the execution times of SQL History are not aligned correctly

3.Display the number of records and lines in the SQL History after SQL execution

4. Provides multi-select, delete, and move in SQL History

SQLGate for Oracle Developer

1.Fixed a bug where shortcut keys (Ctrl + /) were not assigned in the editor

2. Fixed a bug where column sorting is not saved in the login window

SQLGate for Oracle Developer

1.Patch a bug where the object panel does not load procedures/functions/packages correctly

SQLGate for Oracle Developer

1. Patch a bug where column lengths of VARCHAR,CHAR,VAHRCHAR2 tables are not displayed correctly in Oracle 13c and later versions

SQLGate for Oracle Developer

1. Change the column comments can be edited directly in the detail window to edit mode with F2 key

2. When double-clicking a column in the detail window, add it to the editor and change the editor focus so that it does not move

3. Change to ASC=>DESC=>None when clicking the column header in the detail window

4. [Online Support] Add speed icon

SQLGate for Oracle Developer

1. Fix bug where object panel is not selected on Ctrl+Click in editor

SQLGate for Oracle Developer

1. Patch a bug where autocomplete no longer works due to autocomplete error in join clause

SQLGate for Oracle Developer

1. Patch AV error when executing a large number of multi-queries

2. Do not display error message when query is stopped

SQLGate for Oracle Developer

1. Fixed a bug where query results were not displayed in the grid intermittently

2. Improved to display a highlight when there is a # character in the table name

SQLGate for Oracle Developer

1. Eliminate flicker during initial loading

2. Improved the function of the Korean table name to be a highlight

3. Automatic completion of Korean table names eliminated the phenomenon of double quotation marks

4. Added highlight border option to editor options

5. Added OCI connection function when installing Oracle Instance Client

SQLGate for Oracle Developer

1. Fixed a bug where the tab of the last connection information was not activated in the new connection window.

2. Removed the Ctrl + Mouse Over function in the SQL editor due to frequent bugs

3. Fixed a bug where SQL records are not used at the same time when executing two SQLGates.

4. Fixed a bug where user folder does not appear in SQL history

5. Change the table script so that the Grant option does not appear in your account.

6. Change the command to "CREATE OR REPALCE" in the Synonym script

SQLGate for Oracle Developer

Fixed memory error bug while using autocomplete

SQLGate for Oracle Developer

1.Bug patch where DBMS_OUTPUT is not displayed correctly