SQLGate for Oracle Developer

1.Fixed a bug where shortcut keys (Ctrl + /) were not assigned in the editor

2. Fixed a bug where column sorting is not saved in the login window

SQLGate for Oracle Developer

1.Patch a bug where the object panel does not load procedures/functions/packages correctly

SQLGate for Oracle Developer

1. Patch a bug where column lengths of VARCHAR,CHAR,VAHRCHAR2 tables are not displayed correctly in Oracle 13c and later versions

SQLGate for Oracle Developer

1. Change the column comments can be edited directly in the detail window to edit mode with F2 key

2. When double-clicking a column in the detail window, add it to the editor and change the editor focus so that it does not move

3. Change to ASC=>DESC=>None when clicking the column header in the detail window

4. [Online Support] Add speed icon

SQLGate for Oracle Developer

1. Fix bug where object panel is not selected on Ctrl+Click in editor

SQLGate for Oracle Developer

1. Patch a bug where autocomplete no longer works due to autocomplete error in join clause

SQLGate for Oracle Developer

1. Patch AV error when executing a large number of multi-queries

2. Do not display error message when query is stopped

SQLGate for Oracle Developer

1. Fixed a bug where query results were not displayed in the grid intermittently

2. Improved to display a highlight when there is a # character in the table name

SQLGate for Oracle Developer

1. Eliminate flicker during initial loading

2. Improved the function of the Korean table name to be a highlight

3. Automatic completion of Korean table names eliminated the phenomenon of double quotation marks

4. Added highlight border option to editor options

5. Added OCI connection function when installing Oracle Instance Client

SQLGate for Oracle Developer

1. Fixed a bug where the tab of the last connection information was not activated in the new connection window.

2. Removed the Ctrl + Mouse Over function in the SQL editor due to frequent bugs

3. Fixed a bug where SQL records are not used at the same time when executing two SQLGates.

4. Fixed a bug where user folder does not appear in SQL history

5. Change the table script so that the Grant option does not appear in your account.

6. Change the command to "CREATE OR REPALCE" in the Synonym script