SQLGate for Tibero Developer

1. Improved offline use speed
2. Bug patched: Grid not properly displayed during multi-query iteration
3. Bug Patched: ‘Copy Clipboard to RTF’ function not working properly
4. Bug Patched: Focus not changing correctly after selecting the grid panel
5. Bug Patched: In some situations, the ‘Run Subquery Block’ function is not functioning properly
6. Added Editor Option “automatically search selected text”
7. Added Editor Option “highlight text with cursor”
8. Bug Patched: Some in-package functions are error-prone when procedure is selected
9. Bug Patched: On the object panel, if the package contains filters, the specification and body are not shown in the lower section
10. Editor automatically displays a function or procedure within a package

SQLGate for Tibero Developer

1. Added session end function when 'Disconnect' is selected
2. Added Editor zoom in/out
3. Editor supports 'ligature font'
4. Bug Patched: 'Stay Connected' feature not functioning properly
5. Bug Patched: Error messages not displayed properly when running 'SQL Validation' from the 'Create View' window
6. Bug Patched: Some features not working properly in the SYS.DBMS_CRYPTO package

SQLGate for Tibero Developer

1. Bug patch: Mouse scrolling function not working in the editor area issue
2. Bug patch: 'Software License Agreement' is not properly displayed issue

SQLGate for Tibero Developer

1. Bug Patch: When exporting data, time-related columns are quoted in a duplicate output
2. Improved product authentication errors while offline
3. Improved Grid Selection Speed
4. Added Grid 'Automatic selection calculation' options
5. Improved Editor Speed

SQLGate for Tibero Developer

1. Bug Patch: When using "Data Export" to export as an Excel file, if the value of an integer field is zero it is saved as 'Blank'
2. Improved access information and History File security processes

SQLGate for Tibero Developer

1. Fixed License Authentication Error while Offline

SQLGate for Tibero Developer

1. New Function: Find Previous
2. Enhanced information and History file security
3. Null value processed when using ‘Data Import’
4. Bug Patch: Error when ‘Processor’ is changed
5. Bug Patch: Unable to save when modifying open documents after 'Drag & Drop'
6. Improved SQL Transformation functionality
7. Bug Patch: Editor tab numbering error
8. Editor-related Error correction and enhancements
9. Bug Patch: Screen does not display normally in Setup window
10. Bug Patch: Display error when outputting Object Report
11. Added new character set ‘UTF-16’

SQLGate for Tibero Developer

1. New function: Able to rename tabs on the taskbar

2. Bug Patch: Enabling subquery blocks issue fixed

3. Improved options for deleting stored access information during uninstallation

4. Bug Patch: Program window minimizing and restoring issue fixed

5. Bug Patch: Editor Options run at setup issue fixed

6. Bug Patch: ‘Out of Memory’ issue fixed

7. Bug Patch: Expanding ERD issue fixed

8. Improved use for binding variables at Trigger Generation

SQLGate for Tibero Developer

1. Fixed: ODCB driver installation error

SQLGate for Tibero Developer

1. Education License Certification available

2. AutoUpdater icon modified

3. Improved program execution in case of corrupted setup files

4. Fixed: Editor color does not match the theme after change

5. Added option : subquery background color selection

6. Improved certification procedures when running a product.

7. All saved connection information deleted once product is uninstalled.

8. Fixed: Multiple tabs open in SQL Editor workspace.

9. Improved tab-related features in SQL Editor.

10. Fixed: After clicking [show blanks/tab characters/carriage returns] results display incorrectly.

11. Fixed: In SQL Editor, in [Run and Modify Current SQL] if the subquery is present then it will not be modified.

12. Fixed: Unable to highlight when fit option is enabled in Main Menu.

13. Added features and bug fixed for SQL editor option.

14. Fixed: Editor Tabs and Saving Workspaces.

15. Updated the Tibero ODBC driver

16. Fixed: Alert to update drivers after connecting to Tibero