SQLGate for Oracle Developer

1. New Function: Find Previous
2. Enhanced information and History file security
3. Null value processed when using ‘Data Import’
4. Bug Patch: Error when ‘Processor’ is changed
5. Bug Patch: Unable to save when modifying open documents after 'Drag & Drop'
6. Improved SQL Transformation functionality
7. Bug Patch: Editor tab numbering error
8. Editor-related Error correction and enhancements
9. Bug Patch: Screen does not display normally in Setup window
10. Bug Patch: Selection Error after scrolling in grid area and shift+clicking
11. Bug Patch: No table relationship shown in ERD
12. Bug Patch: Error where Object Panel does not display normally
13. Null value processed when using ‘Export Data’
14. Bug Patch: Display error when outputting Object Report