SQLGate for MySQL Developer (beta)

1. Improved certification procedures when running a product.

2. All saved connection information deleted once product is uninstalled.

3. Fixed: Multiple tabs open in SQL Editor workspace.

4. Improved tab-related features in SQL Editor.

5. Fixed: After clicking [show blanks/tab characters/carriage returns] results display incorrectly.

6. Fixed: In SQL Editor, in [Run and Modify Current SQL] if the subquery is present then it will not be modified.

7. Fixed: Unable to highlight when fit option is enabled in Main Menu.

8. Added features and bug fixed for SQL editor option.

9. Fixed: Editor Tabs and Saving Workspaces.

10. Fixed: Error message is displayed when new connection is made.

11. Fixed: Specific data is not output when used in Unicode.

12. Fixed: Bug with [Limit] option in SQL Editor.

13. Fixed: Some data query results do not display correctly.